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47 Meters Down movie review: SHARK

KhenPhim.com – To begin the movie 47 Meters Down review, Khen Phim wants to “confess” to you that another name of this movie is In The Deep. That name is so right because among 90 minutes of the movie, it will be time that your heart will shake crazily, drown in sweaty, your legs will as weak as noodles and your eyes will stick to screen to follow the movie rhythm. Two sisters were having a vacation in Mexico, and by accident, they met two another guys and be seduced to join a dangerous games by those two hot guys: diving in an iron cage and watching sharks in the ocean. Accident came when winch system was broken and made the cage with those two girls dive into 47 meters down the ocean. Dangerous sharks are swimming around them, and a lot of tense scences after made 47 Meters Down be the most panic-stricken movie in the week.

In the beginning, 47 Meters Down was just all night long parties on the beach with hot guys, hot girls, they made me think this movie is just about hot scences, but no, all of the scences are “cold” (under the water) with the darkness and bunch of sharks swimming around and ready to eat you anytime. Two main characters were starred by Mandy Moore and Claire Holt, their acting were so good, special in words. Because in 47 meters down the ocean and scuba diving on their faces so discribing emotions by face expressive in unable. But don’t worry, that is too enough to make you choky when watch it.

47 Meters Down
Poster of the movie. Picture: IMDb.

Excellence acting is not stopped at words, 47 Meters Down made audience in tense and heart-shaking with super strong audio systems. Dashing snaps from fierce sharks, trying to escape from them by two main characters, incoporating with overcast musics made audiences panic-stricken. That creepy music came from the front, the left, the right and going around seats, sometimes made me crazy because of dramatic rhythm. Seem to not care about audiences panic-stricken, 47 Meters Down continued “adding insult to injury” when all the scenes were filmed in the darkest ocean, it was so haunted than ever was.

47 Meters Down
Movie backstage. 47 Meters Down is filmed under water. Picture: IMDb.

Director Johannes Roberts had a big hit, from two main characters to aphotic scenes in purpose under the ocean. You will be so scared when character has to swim across a inland that can not see the bottom, darkest like a cold winter night. The effects for sharks are okay, it is not too fake but not so wonderful. 47 Meters Down (In The Deep) deserves to be the movie that can compete with The Shallows, just buy the ticket and enjoy it right now.

47 Meters Down

Storyline - 8.5
Actors and acting - 8.5
Sounds, pictures, VFX - 7.5



47 Meter Down (In The Deep) deserves to be the movie that can compete with The Shallows!

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