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Annabelle 2: Creation – horror movie review

Annabelle 2: Creation is a prequel movie, and it’ll also help connect other horror movies – The Conjuring Universe. Is David F. Sandberg doing well as a director?


Annabelle 2 starts with a very familiar scene, which is moving the house. People don’t like live in a big city, they love quiet area. When the characters start moving to the new house, they will notice some unusual signs in the house. Air vent door automatically open, the footsteps or the dark shadows in the night. The nun and orphan girls moved into new house.


Annabelle 2 impressed the audience with the excellent acting ability of Janice (Talitha Bateman). Janice showed the audience the innocence, fear and ferocity in her. Another very brave character in Annabelle 2 is Linda (Lulu Wilson) – Linda is Janice’s close friend. Linda is brave because she dares to take Annabelle to throw it into the well, shoot Annabelle and confront her directly with the doll to save Janice.

Annabelle 2
Linda and Annabelle. Picture: IMDb.

Annabelle 2 also stars actresses such as Miranda Otto, Anthony LaPaglia and Talitha Bateman (who also starred in The 5th Wave).

Sounds, pictures, VFX

Like other horror movies, Annabelle 2 threatens audiences with familiar situations such as sudden and loud sounds, devil, knock on the door, people being thrown into the air. With old scary situations, the audiences will not be scared to watch this movie. If the demon in this movie is more horrendously rendered, it will make the audience more interested. Annbelle 2’s devil rarely appear full body, this also makes the audience feel a little inhibited.

Does Annabelle 2 scare you?

I think “NO”. This is a good horror movie but the director uses old scary situations, so you won’t scare it if you watched a lot of horror movies. I rate it 5/10 – scary meter.

Annabelle 2 has 1 mid-credit ( Annablelle finnally moves) and 1 post-credit (The Nun – Valak is coming).

Annabelle 2: Creation

Storyline - 6
Cast - 7
Sounds, pictures, VFX - 7



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