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My name is Son Mars, you can call me Son or Mars, or Son Mars, whatever you want. All my movie reviews are just personal feelings. I am NOT a native English speaker, so please don't say "R.I.P English", LOL.

Baywatch 2017 review: #1 comedy of year?

Baywatch featured img

KhenPhim.com – First of all, when mention to this title, you will remember about 1 entertainment television series Baywatch in 1990s, at that time, Baywatch was projected in 142 countries and had huge fans to watch every episode. The movie was just about body showing off, the content was like …

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Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales movie review

Pirates of the Caribbean

KhenPhim.com – Finally, Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales appears in all the movie theater, sea water drops splash all around, Johnny Depp’s “shadow” (captain Jack Sparrow) flickered in the cinemas. This time, Khen Phim chose IMAX 3D version for enjoying because of the passion of this …

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Alien: Covenant movie review: perfect VFX, storyline is okay

Alien: Covenant

KhenPhim.com – Once again, stressful atmosphere covers all the movie house when movie Alien: Covenant brought the most ferocious and disgusting monsters to the screen. Scaring, alarmedding and always checking behind your back are what you will experience when you watch this space monster movie, with me, it’s not good as Life, but …

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The Circle movie review – How we can take back our privacy?

KhenPhim.com – The Circle told us even the biggest secret of user’s privacy control at huge technology companies on the internet. The Circle company in the movie by taking a lot of things from real technology companies. Let Khen Phim take examples: you will see Circle headoffice is just like spacescraft office …

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Guardians of the Galaxy vol. 2 movie review: I Am Groot

Guardians of the Galaxy vol. 2

KhenPhim.com – Guardians of the Galaxy vol. 2 continues telling about the adventure saving the Galaxy of special guardians. This time, the long gone relative of Stars-Lord – Peter Quill will bring you a boring, non-drama story. Right away to the movie content, if you already watched the part1, you …

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Smurfs: The Lost Village movie review: Smurfette’s adventure

KhenPhim.com – Smurfs: The Lost Village has early showing just in our country when compare with other markets, somewhere audiences can enjoy this from begining of April. Around amin character Smurfette – this girl does not understand her name, and does not know her life purpose too. Then in one superficial …

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Sleepless movie review: bad cop VS good cop

KhenPhim.com – Sleepless is an action, crime movie, and everyone may know the content of this kind of film. There are still polices, criminals, drugs trafficking, rencontre and car chasing on the road. So is this film, there will be polices investigate drugs trafficking criminals; big bosses will build up …

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Your Name – 君の名は anime review

Your Name cover

KhenPhim.com – Your Name (君の名は) is welcomed and waited for months by class of young anime fans. And the good new is this cartoon is released in Vietnam without censored. The film is a series of dramatic, mindfuck stories and truly charismatic. A city teenager young boy named Taki and a …

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Passengers movie review: Alone in deep space

KhenPhim.com – Passengers brings audiences a brilliant and flooding emotion astronauts experience in space with two main characters, Aurora (starred by Jennifer Lawrence) and Jim (starred by Chris Pratt). In the future, moving to a new planet is total possible when the Earth is becoming overload. The starship Avalon with …

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