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Avengers: Infinity War – The best superhero movie ever!

Avengers: Infinity War brings lot of emotions to fans. Unexpected, spectacular, and fascinated with special effects are all what Khen Phim can talk about Avengers: Infinity War. One more thing that Khen Phim wants to reveal is what you see in Infinity War trailer is not the whole truth.

After more than one time standing behind all the major events of the past 10 years in Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). The one that all must be fear and fans long to see finally come to earth by himself and massacre the universe. That is Thanos. Infinity War is a story about the journey searching 6 Infinity Stones that will fulfill Thanos’s ambition: “To wipe out half of the universe”. Despite the breakup, once again the Avengers’ superheroes will have to join forces against the danger of the universe.

Avengers: Infinity War poster
Avengers: Infinity War

This review will not spoil the movie content so it is safe for you to continue reading. Infinity War is a great combination of 18 movies in the past 10 years of MCU. All the features and advantages of MCU are fully utilized in this movie. You will not only be put into a new battle but also have chance to meet again all the characters and remind of the time that we used to live with this brand. A huge number of characters will appear on the screen. But don’t worry as the movie will not be diluted or blurred by such a number of characters. Any character appears on the screen will be a good impression.

Focused character is still Tony Stark (aka. Iron Man). Tony is the soul of MCU and he is also the miserable, most pressured and obsessed one. Every step with Tony is responsibility and sin weighing upon his shoulder. No one can understand and no one thinks what he thinks. He is always the one to support team till the last moment and numbers of rumors that he will fall down under Thanos. Is it true? Khen Phim will leave this surprise for those who can’t wait to see the movie.

Another character that Khen Phim wants to mention is Doctor Strange. Magic and spell that he uses in this time reaches to a new level comparing to that in his own movie. It is sure that you would be feasted your eyes on spectacular spell castings. Interaction among characters in the movie is though a bit fast but interesting and natural. Collaboration scene between Tony Stark and Doctor Strange creates amusing moments for fans. Two characters have same features. They are egotistic, thinking for self and having big ego. But somehow they learn to accept each other and find a way to fight on the same side for universe protection.

Our Hulk has little time on screen except for the solo fight with Thanos at the beginning. He and Thor are 2 characters that make audience laugh a lot. However, the fun maker of the movie must be the Guardians of the Galaxy. With foolish, eccentric and crack brained characteristics, this higgledy-piggledy group will bring lot of laugh to audience.

I'm Groot! - Avengers: Infinity War
I’m Groot!

The return of Captain in cool appearance with sharp beard will satisfy every fan. This time he is wearing new black suite and looks badass. Now Captain is trying to escape from the Government. And this is Nomad in comic, after disappearing, Steve Rogers is no longer Captain America and Nomad is his new alias.

Thanos in the movie has complexed characteristics than in the comic. He seems to have clemency and compassion somewhat. His idea is not simply to conquer the universe or having same motif in the love between him and Mistress Death. Thanos in MCU has complicated characteristics and a potential story that movie makers can develop.

Thanos - Avengers: Infinity War
Do you know him? Thanos

Some will fall down and someone will stay back to enjoy the misery. Anyone can be killed by tyrant Thanos’ hand. Your emotions and feelings for characters in the movie will be granted in woeful and majestic moments. The last fight might not satisfy all but it will bring you lot of unforgettable feelings. The movie lasts for 2 hours and a half and has lot of plots, characters but your eyes cannot leave the screen because it is so amazing and entertaining.

All figures and special effects are carefully invested and it looks awesome in every aspect. The look of character is so cool with outstanding outfit. But Thanos is filmed by CGI techs then in some scenes he will be looked faked and firm but those only minor scenes. In term of 3D effect, not so many 3D scenes but any scene applied with these special effects looks so real, especially cosmos scenes. With most anticipated movie then Khen Phim suggests you play hard and choose the highest resolution version to fully experience the movie. It might be IMAX, 4DX or Atmos.

Spider-Man in Avengers: Infinity War
Spider-Man in Avengers: Infinity War

The suggestion is you should go with your buddies or choose show time with lot of marvel fans to enjoy the “fan effect”. Every time when a character appears or an amazing scene appears there will be huge applauses and screams. When being part of the applause and scream of audience you will feel like it’s a whole real Marvel family. One small thing to share with you that today Khen Phim joined the movie with full seats even A row are full.

3D glasses - Avengers: Infinity War
3D glasses

The movie has one after credit and if you are a real fan of MCU then you might want to stay till the last moment to see that bonus. Inspite of a short credit, Marvel show its clever and precise way to create a hint for their next movie.

Avengers: Infinity War

Storyline - 7.5
Cast - 8
Sounds, pictures, VFX - 9



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