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Baby Driver movie review: action, comedy, and great soundtracks

Baby Driver is a movie that is advertised impulsively in the whole week, it got high score on IMDb, 98% Tomatometer on Rotten Tomatoes. And this time, all compliments from cinema systems for Baby Driver were worthy, this is the movie that after watching you will feel a little strange because logical combination between action, criminal, hilarious and a little scaring elements. All of them are mixxed evenly and right rate so of course, Baby Driver will be a subgum hot pot that is goluptious with a lot of people, the more you eat the more delicious you feel.

The content

A young boy, appearance is okay if you pay some attention, regular body, super driving skills of Baby catch audiences eyes from beginning of the movie. Baby is an important role of a bank robber gang, actually anywhere which has money, even post office. This young boy will be in car and ready to escape as quick as he can when his associates bring money out. Beginning of Baby Driver is extreme chase scene between polices and Baby by cars, of course. Just like that, the movie guides audiences to the story by a gentle, slow and silent way, a great narration without sleepy.

Actors and acting

Main character in Baby Driver is young boy Baby, of course, with skilful direction of Ansel Elgort – young actor who was born in 1994 made Baby so attraction with crazy and strange appearance. Always wear earphones with favorite songs, Baby always be watched by associates and other people. But who knows those songs are time measuring and “psychoactive drugs” for Baby to drive impulsively, surpass veteran polices. It is so difficult to describe excellence acting skill of Ansel Elgort, Khen Phim advise you to watch it for full feeling.

Baby Driver cast
Main characters in the movie, our crazy driver is the one in the right. Picture: IMDb.

Sounds, pictures and effects

Baby Driver is not just a normal movie, Khen Phim think it is a musical movie, music kicks in everytime they rob bank or Baby comes back home. And all songs are really good and catch ears. Don’t be surprise if your body wants to do like what Baby is doing in screen. Not just excellence in sounds effects, but also pictures in Baby Driver are not just okay. Cars chasing on highways or sudden appear of a criminal will make you a little scared. Effects are not so monumental, however it is enough for you to feel that Baby Driver is a worthy movie after watching it.

Baby Driver
Baby is cool enough? Black glasses, standing next to hot girl and fire behind.
Picture: IMDb

Should watch Baby Driver or not?

Of course, a great and excellence movie like this, just seduce your friends to cinema and enjoy it right away, do not stop that blissfulness.

Baby Driver (Baby)
Wear it your way. Picture: IMDb

Baby Driver

Storyline - 7.5
Actors and acting - 8
Sounds, pictures, VFX - 8



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