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Baywatch 2017 review: #1 comedy of year?

KhenPhim.com – First of all, when mention to this title, you will remember about 1 entertainment television series Baywatch in 1990s, at that time, Baywatch was projected in 142 countries and had huge fans to watch every episode. The movie was just about body showing off, the content was like some reasonless events to protect the beach from criminal that rarely appeared at that time. However, that was a entertainment movie, so be acceptable. Baywatch on television became pioneer film series with the new entertainment direction of Hollywood.

Baywatch 1990 with Mitch starred by David Hasselhoff.

Get back to Baywatch 2017, it is based on the content of old series, background is a beach and a rescue team that is mentioned in the movie as pith in rescue piths. There are showing off muscles scenes, as well as pretty girls.

Baywatch running.
Baywatch 2017: Running scenes in the ending.

Baywatch here is a beach protection team, rescue emergency situations happened in the beach. From drowning to surprise accidents related to people ‘s life and Mitch Buchanan (starred by Dwayne Johnson) is captain. Every year, Baywatch has an examination for anybody who wants to join the team. This year, Matt Brody (Zac Efron) appeared and wanted to join Mitch’s team. From a hoity-moity person, not a co-operation guy, giving a damn life style, always consider himself to be the best because of 02 golden medals about swimming, he became a sociable guy and left the ego to join Mitch’s team.

Rate the movie:

+ The movie is okay, there are many comedy situations based on sexual issues (consider when taking sensitive friends to watch this). Muscle men (the Rock, Zac Efron) and pretty girls are the movie’s attraction.
+ Simple content, protect the beach from drug dealer. Just like the old version but the length is longer.
+ Movie music is pretty good, use slow motion in some scenes.

The ending scene is the conversation between the Rock and David Hasselhoff, maybe there is part 2 and David Hasselhoff will appear.

P/s: The movie (showing in Vietnam) may be cutted because there is some scenes in trailer but can not see in the movie.

Baywatch - Mitch
Matt and Mitch on a scooter.

In short, if you are looking for entertainment, accept comedy scenes based on sexual issues and enjoy beauty and muscle then Baywatch is a good choice.

Collaborator: Khanhkid

Translator: Khen Phim


Storyline - 6
Actors and acting - 7.5
Sounds, pictures, VFX - 7.5



JUST FOR LAUGHS, bad storyline.

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