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Blade Runner 2049 Movie Review (2017)

Blade Runner 2049 (Blade Runner 2) already got almost 82 million USD just in the first week, this is an impressive number for this science fiction movie. In some countries, they can enjoy this movie from the beginning of October but 20th of October for Vietnamese. Luckily, some neighbour countries got this movie 2 weeks earlier than Vietnam (my country), and Khen Phim enjoyed this movie earlier than most of Vietnamese audiences by “walking” to Phnom Penh, Cambodia (Campuchia).

Poster Blade Runner 2049
Poster Blade Runner 2049


Khen Phim will try not to reveal the main flows of Blade Runner 2049, however, there are some “beside” scenes that will be revealed to excite your curiousity and increase your motion while enjoying the movie, so please consider to continue reading or not.

30 years later after what happened in the first part, “K” – a new blade runner continues hunting replicants who are expiration date and hiding. From the beginning, deputy K killed a man who are professional at moth rasing, and of course you will know who that is if you saw the 1st part. And after that, K found out about blade runner Rick Deckard by accident – who was disappeared 30 years ago with Rachel. Then, a lot of secret backgrounds of K will be revealed.

Blade Runner 2049 - Rick
Do you know who this is? And he is pointing at?


Blade Runner 2049 will bring back to cinemascope handsome man Ryan Gosling – who used to star in La La Land (2016), The Nice Guys (2016) or history movie First Man will be released in the end of 2018. Having an attractive body and a cool face so starring a blade runner is nothing to this actor who was born in 1980. In Blade Runner 2049, K live alone in a apartment and to avoid lonely, he made friend with an illusion pretty girlfriend. Each eyes contact, action or conversation when K is next to his girlfriend is described so real by Ryan, like “Just thought the love will fade after 10 years”, just come back home after 1 day working but they both stick together like 10 years tearing apart.

Sounds, pictures, VFX

Sounds of Blade Runner 2049 are good in quality and quantity. Strong sound intensity, “attack” audience ears from a lot of angles. Sounds system in the cinema that Khen Phim watched (Legend Cinema City Mall) is lack of behind channel, this can be felt through 165 minutes of the movie, and clearest when Dolby 7.1 sound demo was screened, could not hear “around” from behind speakers. Khen Phim tried to ask someone but after 10pm, they will close and there was just 1 staff who was collecting 3D glasses so I still don’t know the reason. However, almost sound effects in Blade Runner 2049 are still described completely, because there are not much scenes that needs background speaker system. Engine sounds from flying equipments are real described and a little jarring because this cinema sounds system is setted with quite big level. Even you will feel vibration of the floor when flying equipment fires and destroys 1 floor of building.

Blade Runner 2049 - Virtual Girl
That “nude advertisement board” will interact with K in the middle of movie.

If Blade Runner 2049 is released in Vietnam with 3D version, you do not have to watch with 3D version, it’s just a waste of money because there is no embossing image effect, everything is just like a normal 2D movie. But pictures effects are produced so well, so beautiful and real, special when K walk in the street and interact with illusion girl in advertisement board. Pollution, chaos in city life were “painted” so real in each scene.

Should watch Blade Runner 2049 or not?

The first thing is you need watch the 1st part of Blade Runner 2049, or at least read the review that Khen Phim wrote here. When you got the story of previous part and understand it, then you will feel exciting while watching the new part. You need to pay attention with some details in the movie like, wooden horse with date in the leg, or “living in AR world” girl with white glass room.

My opinions:

• Blade Runner 2049 lasts so unnecessary long, everything can be solved in 120 minutes (the movie lasts 164 minutes)
• The previous part summary is just some sentences in 2 beginning minutes of the movie, so again, just watch the first part first.
• There are not much action scenes, although Blade Runner 2049 is not an action film but still a little disillusion because science fiction movies are always with action.
• Consider carefully if choose 3D version, cause 3D images are not outstanding, the best version that you should watch is IMAX 2D; should not watch 4DX cause there are not much action scenes.
• There are some scenes with boobs (replicant), I don’t know if they will be cut in your country or not.

Blade Runner 2049 ticket
Blade Runner 2049 ticket (3D) at Legend Cinema

Blade Runner 2049

Storyline - 7
Cast - 7
Sounds, pictures, VFX - 8



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