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“Furie (Hai Phượng)” review – Big hit from Veronica Ngo

Furie (Vietnamese name: Hai Phượng) is a very authentic Hollywood action movie, with wonderful scenes, overwhelming and surprising fighting. By watching it, you will find yourself enjoying American movie like Taken, John Wick; but no – this is a big hit from the beautiful Vietnam.

Furie’s poster

Focus on the fact of kidnapping for body organs, Furie introduces to audiences a breath of fresh air, a new look of propaganda footage. Cinema of Vietnam has impressed evolution compared to last year. The message of the movie is smoothly showed by heart-pounding dramatic that there is none of any Vietnamese movies have. Through the lead Hai Phượng (actress Veronica Ngo/Ngô Thanh Vân), audiences will experience the journey to get back her child with a lot of challenging dangers.

The dramas in the movie are gradually increased to the climax that makes the whole cinema room stands ovations. In the trailer, you heart beated so fast watching the fighting in top of the train, then in the cinema, this scene is much more longer, better and satisfies you after day and day waiting. However, Khen Phim find that scene a little familiar with a small footage in The Wolverine (2013), it has a nice fighting scene on top of the train also. From speaking of the premiere, Furie got help from Hollywood specialists so the fighting scenes are really real, and Veronica said that they are so real so actors frequently got injuries. If you felt extreme pain watching John Wick then prepare yourself because Furie has a lot of fighting scenes by knife that will extremely frighten you. Moreover, fight scenes like neck breaking, wall kicking, using weapons (guns, knives, hammers, beer bottles,…) to fight are acted really beautifully, easy to understand with a perfect logical.

Mai (Hai Phuong’s daughter)

Furie success is not only because of these aspects above but also from super good actors, from the lead to the extras. One of them is Mai Cát Vi (Mai – Hai Phượng’s daughter), her expression impressed audiences, her emotion from anger to love is acted clearly real. There is a scene that people in the market acused her of stealing and her mother did not believe her, so Mai rolled her eyes angrily looking her mother. And Veronica Ngo impressed audiences by dangerous scenes, even though she has cascadeurs and supporting tools but you will see her sacrifying herself in most of the fighting scenes like being crashed down water or dangling on the train. About other characters, Khen Phim can tell you that they are great and you will see it clearly in the cinema.

A movie with perfect fighting scenes is not a good movie yet, it also needs support of sound effects. So Furie was shot with careful sound effects and background music. The knife stabbing so painful, powerful punches and bone cracking are recreated so real that makes audiences feel the pain, this is also main point that brings you feel the movie.

Furie is set to be released in USA on March 1, 2019. In Vietnam, audiences can enjoy it a week earlier. You can check the show schedule here.


Storyline - 8
Cast - 7
Sounds, pictures, VFX - 9



Furie is set to be released in USA on March 1, 2019.

User Rating: 4.45 ( 2 votes)

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