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Happy Death Day movie review: better than I expected!

Happy Death Day is worth for waiting because the movie is not bad, it’s not all in trailer, so stop yelling at producers why they made the trailer so lame.

Poster of Happy Death Day
Poster of Happy Death Day


Happy Death Day is a story about a college girl and don’t know why Tree is stuck in her own birthday. And it’s not that simple, she is being killed by a man with mask, after her each death, her life will be “reseted” to beginning of her birthday. She was terrified at first, but after that she found out by every hints in each “life” and recognized her killer.

We can split this death birthday movie into 2 parts, the first part is so lame and not interesting at all, there is nothing thorny or exciting. It seems the movie will be stucked in her fated day, then ended but everything is just not that simple. In the second part, producers pull rhythms of the movie up and keep that way to the end. Khen Phim feel like director Christopher Landon was worry audiences will be died so he did not make it harder in scary scenes, in stead of that, producers tried to “invest” the movie content, bring to audiences surprising and exciting.


Main character is a college girl – Tree (starred by Jessica Rothe). With a young face but a little fierce, Khen Phim think this is not so good for a soft girl in Happy Death Day. But wait, that is just the first part, how about after that? Jessica Rothe absolutely proved her skills and showed audiences that she absolutely deserved with this character because Tree is not a coward, a personality girl who can do everything to the end of a play.

Main character ịn Happy Death Day– Tree
Main character ịn Happy Death Day– Tree

The next mark is a college boy, go to same school with Tree – Carter (starred by Israel Broussard). This boy was born in 1994, although not so good at muscles but have a good look with a brilliant smile, so it’s not so surprised when Tree want to “make a baby” with this boy. Carter character is not required so much acting skills, and his role is not so much to act, sometimes he just show up and smile, then the movie is more worth to watch.

Tree’s cute boy in Happy Death Day
Boy friend of Tree in Happy Death Day

Sounds, pictures, VFX

Introduction of Universal was remixed like Happy Death Day’s style and it’s just over and over like the way Tree was killed. Next, you will feel a little different because you will hear “Số Nhọ” by Lip B (a Vietnamese song – I think you’ll hear a different song in your country) in American movie. Maybe this is just the way Universal try to get sensimental from audiences when the movie is released in specific market. The reason they chose this song was just random or they pointed that a character in the movie has the same faith with a guy in “Số Nhọ”. Back to Happy Death Day, background music in every scens is exciting and a little scary. Pictures in Happy Death Day are not made into dark and dull, but everything you watch will be really exciting, normal color, not so much flashy.

Should watch Happy Death Day?

Of course. You should watch this, although the first part is a little boring but the last part is worth to wait, and there is handsome boy there too. Happy Death Day is still a good movie, you guys should watch this.

Happy Death Day ticket
Happy Death Day movie ticket

Happy Death Day

Storyline - 7.5
Cast - 6.5
Sounds, pictures, VFX - 7.5


Better than I expected!

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