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The Invisible Guest movie review: a great thriller

The Invisible Guest (original name: Contratiempo) is not a movie, Khen Phim consider it is like a battlefield mentality in real life between talented “lawyer” and a success business man who are trying to get away with crime.

The Invisible Guest - Doria
Talented “lawyer” is discussing with business man to get away with crime


From the trailer, The Invisible Guest got audience’s attention even without gun shots, fights or hot body showing off, all of them are just gloomy air after killings. Adrian Doria – a success business man was a suspect for killing his little mistress by accident. Virginia Goodman – excellence lawyer, never loose any cases wants to help Doria to get away with this crime before she retires. Both of them just have 3 hours to make plans for getting away of this crime, make testimony for easy to trust and clear the crime. The complicated problem here that Doria and Goodman have to solve is murder disappeared from crime scenes.
Watching circumstances in the movie will make you can not regconize what is the real, what is the testimony that lawyer told her client. Or exactly, when watch The Invisible Guest, your head will be down 100%, think this makes sense but is does not. More over, intension will be increased and make you be in this mysterious crime and forget this is just a movie.


The Invisible Guest (The Invisible Guest) is not a movie from English speaking countries, so the first thing audiences need to notice is read subtitles carefully, because Spanish is not language that everyone can read and understand. The second thing is about actors, it’s really difficult to regconize which movie they were in cause Spanish movies released is just a few. Mario Casa with good looking, elegant appperance was starred success business man – Adrian Doria. Every acts, every words to the way he communicates and his flirtation are described very well by this born in 1986 actor. He tried to show that he is smarter than lawyer by telling her and giving her testimony that he thinks it makes sense. With a super normal face while facing problems happening, this actor absolutely deserves a super high score for acting.

Poster of The Invisible Guest
Poster of The Invisible Guest

Sounds, pictures, VFX

If you watched Interstellar, Gone Girl then you will know background music of The Invisible Guest is so tense and excited. It is difficult to describe all the attration of background music through normal words in this review, but you will feel choking, nervous with everything that backgorund music contributes for this movie. Words and expression of characters are strong and peremptory in tense scenes, and then small and pathetical in moving scenes.

How murder can get out of a locked room, how he did it, how he planned for it, maybe Khen Phim will let you get your answers in cinema. The Invisible Guest deserves an excellence movie that can be compared with Gone Girl.

The Invisible Guest

Storyline - 10
Cast - 9
Sounds, pictures, VFX - 8.5


must watch

User Rating: 3.63 ( 2 votes)

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