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Annabelle 2: Creation – horror movie review

Annabelle 2

Annabelle 2: Creation is a prequel movie, and it’ll also help connect other horror movies – The Conjuring Universe. Is David F. Sandberg doing well as a director? Storyline Annabelle 2 starts with a very familiar scene, which is moving the house. People don’t like live in a big city, …

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Movie review: Spider-Man: Homecoming: is this a good film?

Spider-Man: Homecoming featued image

Spider-Man: Homecoming is not a strange movie to lots of generations. With famous “Spider-Man” brand and Peter Parker’s specific suit, anyone will go to cinema to watch this recurrence of Spider-Man is monumental and worthy or not. Storyline Few months after Captain America: Civil War, Peter Parker came back New …

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Despicable Me 3 movie review

Despicable Me 3

Despicable Me 3 is famous cartoon from USA, the first part was released in 2010. Storyline Main objects of Despicable Me 3 is children, so of course the content will be so simple and easily and surprisingly understand. This time, by accident, Gru found out that he has a twin …

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Transformers 5: The Last Knight movie review – terrible storyline

Transformers 5

KhenPhim.com – Transformers 5: The Last Knight will might get a lot of complaints like part 4 because content of movie is so classic, predictable and making audiences being so bored. After left human being and came back mother’s planet Cybertron, Optimus Prime was enticed to come back the Earth …

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47 Meters Down movie review: SHARK

47 Meters Down

KhenPhim.com – To begin the movie 47 Meters Down review, Khen Phim wants to “confess” to you that another name of this movie is In The Deep. That name is so right because among 90 minutes of the movie, it will be time that your heart will shake crazily, drown …

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The Mummy review: Is Tom Cruise still hot?

The Mummy Ahmanet

KhenPhim.com – The Mummy is not blockbuster of 2017 summer, although it is really hot with famous actors: Tom Cruise (starred Nick), Russell Crowe (doctor Henry), and it is not enough without Sofia Boutella starred super angry acient Egypt princess Ahmanet. Once upon a time, Ahmanet lose throne of Egypt …

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Film review: Wonder Woman 2017

KhenPhim.com – Wonder Woman – Officially, there is a part to talk about first woman super hero of DC after she was “flicker” in Batman v Superman. If you did not watch any movies or not get any information about Wonder Woman, don’t worry, this movie will tell you about …

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Extortion movie review: acting is poor


KhenPhim.com – Extortion was filmed in a beautiful beach where a three – people family comes for their vacation. Too busy with enjoying the beauty of the beach, they do not know that the ship they rented was wrecked and the death can come anytime because that island is really neglected. Fortunately, …

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