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Thor: Ragnarok Movie Review – Awesome VFX

Thor: Ragnarok with Chris Hemsworth and Tom Hiddleston starred in it continues getting a lot of interests from Marvel fans from the trailer that Thor was chained and dangled from the top. Storyline Thor: Ragnarok is just ranked C13 instead of C16 or C18 like other movies from Marvel Studio. …

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Blade Runner 2049 Movie Review (2017)

Blade Runner 2049

Blade Runner 2049 (Blade Runner 2) already got almost 82 million USD just in the first week, this is an impressive number for this science fiction movie. In some countries, they can enjoy this movie from the beginning of October but 20th of October for Vietnamese. Luckily, some neighbour countries …

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Alien: Covenant movie review: perfect VFX, storyline is okay

Alien: Covenant

KhenPhim.com – Once again, stressful atmosphere covers all the movie house when movie Alien: Covenant brought the most ferocious and disgusting monsters to the screen. Scaring, alarmedding and always checking behind your back are what you will experience when you watch this space monster movie, with me, it’s not good as Life, but …

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The Circle movie review – How we can take back our privacy?

KhenPhim.com – The Circle told us even the biggest secret of user’s privacy control at huge technology companies on the internet. The Circle company in the movie by taking a lot of things from real technology companies. Let Khen Phim take examples: you will see Circle headoffice is just like spacescraft office …

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