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The Mummy review: Is Tom Cruise still hot?

KhenPhim.com – The Mummy is not blockbuster of 2017 summer, although it is really hot with famous actors: Tom Cruise (starred Nick), Russell Crowe (doctor Henry), and it is not enough without Sofia Boutella starred super angry acient Egypt princess Ahmanet. Once upon a time, Ahmanet lose throne of Egypt so she is really angry, decided to compromise with devils, murdered her own father and younger brother who just was born; of course her intention is power – no more no less. Unfortunately, that fraud was found out and she would be mummified as ancient custom, put into a coffin and under a hole with full of mercury. Unluckily, that coffin was disinterment by accident, and Ahmanet was released, she decided to attempt modern world for her own.

The Mummy
The Mummy’s poster. Picture: IMDb

In my opinion, content of The Mummy is just a casual combination between The Walking Dead and the series Mission: Impossible (Tom Cruise was in this movie too). The Mummy back to the present and walking scenes is exactly like zombies from the way they walk and how they attact our Nick. I expected a lot after The Mummy’s trailer but the content is made me disappointed. The details was predictable, producers could not make the heat for the movie, without building and solving problems, all of these made 2 hours in projection room was really platitude. So sorry cause some misterious, worry and horrible of Egypt mummy movies do not appear again.

The only plus point for The Mummy is sound effects – not too perfect but good enough to impress and effect to audience’s emotion through their ears. Some scenes like desert sandstorm, moving of pulley system when the coffin was pulled up, when plane had some problems and fell, all of them were transcribed so real and good at sound effects. Maybe you guys think that the effect is not so good, actually it’s not “perfect as Ngoc Trinh” but Xác Ướp has acceptable graphics. Maybe producers spent a lot of their money for the scene when the plane was falling. As Khen Phim knows, to have those scene, producers have to spend over 5000 USD for Zero Gravity Corporation to have just 30 second zero – G scene.

In stead of the end, Khen Phim wants to tell you that The Mummy is not good enough to save the platitude content although Tom Cruise was in it.

The Mummy

Storyline - 6.5
Actors and acting - 7.5
Sounds, pictures, VFX - 7



This is an action movie like Mission Impossible. Storyline is simple and bad.

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