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The Tailor (Cô Ba Sài Gòn) movie review

The Tailor (original title: Cô Ba Sài Gòn) is the latest movie from VAA production, is the movie that is expected by movie fans, and there is a little disillusioned when its release schedule was moved from August to November. After a period of time with teasers, pop art pictures, The Tailor was released finally with monumental premiere in movie premiere and after party.

The Tailor - poster
The Tailor poster


Như Ý (starred by Ninh Dương Lan Ngọc) led us to discover Saigon’s beauty with movements in 1960s, special pictures to feature feminism of We Can Do It movement. Như Ý was born in a famous 9 generation traditional tailor family in Saigon. But she does not want to be transmitter, doesn’t want to be an Ao Dai tailor as her mother (starred by Ngô Thanh Vân), in stead of that she just wants to sew European suits. And after an event, she determinded to start learning how to sew Ao Dai to become transmitter of Thanh Nu tailors, as well as keep Vietnam Ao Dai’s beauty.

If sensitive enough, you will recognize the content of the movie by watching poster and The Tailor’s Original Sound Track. However, Khen Phim will let you to discover the content’s secret in cinema. We will talk more about the movie flow, Khen Phim feel there is not much connection between scenes. That’s not all, the beginning makes me a little shock because there are a lot of fashion brands were “showed off”, if anyone who is not familiar with this thing, it will be hard to watch for sure.


The Tailor is produced with all generations, from young actresses like Ninh Dương Lan Ngọc, Diễm My 9X to big symbols in Vietnam film like Hồng Vân, Ngô Thanh Vân. A lot of supporting actors and guests were showed up in the movie, make up the Saigon’s beauty that the movie is heading to. Except S.T 365 with stiff acting and lack of emotion lines, the other actors did a really good job, in the premiere, a lot of audiences can not hold their tears when character, starred by Hồng Vân, was on her knees and regreted about wrong things she did before. Ninh Dương Lan Ngọc had a big progress on acting from this VAA’s latest project Tam Cam: The Untold Story, and with a pretty face, they contributed to the movie’s success and bring Lan Ngọc’s name to audiences.

Cute pop art from The Tailor
Cute pop art from The Tailor

Sounds, pictures, VFX

Although do not live in 1960s, but some ways, Saigon beauty in the movie still affected into heart, it makes Khen Phim feel the things in the movie are standards of that time, from fashion to the way Saigon people entertained. Custome in the movie was designed by Thủy Design House so old beauty was clearly showed up, different from this modern time. Stylist Lê Minh Ngọc contributed for this movie too, but Khen Phim don’t know which part, maybe this sytlist supported for custome in the middle of movie?

Just like Tam Cam: The Untold Story, The Tailor was produced so well with sounds effect, just like Hollywood movies. Before, Khen Phim was so impressive with Tam Cam: The Untold Story by its sound effects, and now that feeling is back. Original Sound Track in The Tailor has the same name with movie title, composed by artist Nguyễn Phúc Thiện and sung by singer Đông Nhi. With bright rhythms, easy lyrics, this song is one of the emphasis of The Tailor in audience’s heart.

Should watch The Tailor or not?

The Tailor is a higher level Vietnamese film compared to the others. This movie is not catched audience’s eyes by hot scenes so it got a lot of emotional from audience. Producers are really good at giving away a lot of messages about Ao Dai as well as family’s relationship. The Tailor is not what I expected before but it’s not a bad movie, so just go to cinema and enjoy it.

Some disadvantage points of the movie (may reveal the movie contents):

• Character Tuan is so stiff acting, special at lines, so annoying
• Someitimes, actors speak so fast and mix Vietnamese, English and French so it’s really difficult to understand what they are talking about.
• The content is lack of connection. Why the pearl on Như Ý’s Ao Dai can take her through time, producers still do not reveal this.
• The Tailor was spreaded out as a movie about the old Saigon, but there is just a little about Saigon, and other scenes are all about 2017.
• Samsung’s phone advertisement is lack of delication.

Some pictures in The Tailor’s premiere:

The Tailor (Co Ba Sai Gon)

Storyline - 7
Cast - 7
Sounds, pictures, VFX - 7



The Tailor is a higher level Vietnamese film compared to the others.

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