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Thor: Ragnarok Movie Review – Awesome VFX

Thor: Ragnarok with Chris Hemsworth and Tom Hiddleston starred in it continues getting a lot of interests from Marvel fans from the trailer that Thor was chained and dangled from the top.

Thor and Surtur
Thor and Surtur


Thor: Ragnarok is just ranked C13 instead of C16 or C18 like other movies from Marvel Studio. Reason is content of the movie is so simple with a lot of hilarious scenes but not gross or dirty, fighting scenes with blood are reduced so hard. To get audience’s attention from the beginning, Thor: Ragnarok already showed excellence images when Thor took fire monster Surtur’s horn.

With that spoil of war, Thor comes back to Asgard and by accident, he knows that his ugly, evil sister Hela wants to come back the war, take power of Asgard and conquer other planets after long time hiding. At this time, Thor is lost and comes to a strange planet with full of rubbish (rubbish planet) và see the “old love” – Hulk, both of them begin the journey to rescue Asgard and kill the evil Hela.

Even the content is so simple, predictable and the lame ending but this movie still brings you a lot of interesting moments by many hilarious scenes, subtitles is good and real, so it will be more hilarious from character’s lines to Viet subtitles.

Hela – the evil in Thor: Ragnarok
Hela – the evil in Thor: Ragnarok


Thor’s new hair (Chris Hemsworth) that you saw in trailer is the product of quack barber in rubbish planet. Even it is a little strange but this new hair makes Thor become more handsome and give this character a new view. Good looking, emotion expression face with Thor’s meaning lines was well acted by Chris Hemsworth. We can not talk about actors without Tom Hiddleston, even there are none Tom’s reveal in trailer but we all know that Loki will show up in Thor: Ragnarok. Khen Phim will let you “enjoy” this character and talk about him after watching this movie.

Thor is good looking with this new clean – lembed hair
Thor is good looking with this new clean – lembed hair

Sounds, pictures, VFX

Even Khen Phim watched 2D version this morning (IMAX 3D in this evening) but it is enough to be impressed by beautiful views those are drew in Thor: Ragnarok. Two of many images with strongest impression are fire monster Surtur and “light bridge” in Odin’s palace. With Surtur, every single muscles of the monster were described so real, fire is coming along with monster’s moves, it is beautiful and scare audiences too. Sounds effect was taken care so much just like pictures effects. There are not many movies that makes audience can feel the sounds coming from everywhere like Thor: Ragnarok, spaceship engine sounds in the air, weapons sounds in fighting scens were so good, they make the movie rhythm become more intense even the content is simple and sometimes, characters will have some hilarious lines while fighting.

Perfect VFX in Thor
Perfect VFX in Thor

Uwith IMAX 3D, it’s just like you are watching a new movie even though you already watched 2D version before. The images are just in front of you, so real that make me feel a little dizzy with scenes in the air, and then suddenly reduce the height. Sounds of IMAX screen is so power, like you know, and with this movie, it is just so excellence in listening and looking.

Should I watch Thor: Ragnarok or not?

Thor: Ragnarok is truly entertainment movie, enjoy effects & impression sounds, acting is ensured by top stars in Hollywood with many hilarious scenes; they are enough for fans of science fiction to be impressed. Just go and watch Thor: Ragnarok, and the best version to watch is IMAX 3D.

Reveal some scenes in the movie:

• Thor: Ragnarok have 2 after credits (the first is the scene that Thor and Loki talk, Loki asks Thor about taking him to the Earth, then a bigger spaceship show up; the second is the king of rubbish planet says something bullshit with his people, do not need to see this).
• Doctor Strange is in this part.
• While confirming the right to control spaceship, Thor mentioned to “Point Break”. “Point Break” is the nickname that Iron Man gave Thor.
• Thor will be back in Avengers.
• Ragnarok is an important events in legend of Northern Europe, we can understand here “postulate to start over”.

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Thor: Ragnarok

Storyline - 7
Cast - 7.5
Sounds, pictures, VFX - 9



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