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What Happened To Monday? movie review: a mind-blowing movie

What Happened To Monday portrays dark prospect of human being from 2030 to 2073. We obviously betray, trample, kill each other to get a space on this planet. And worse, kids who are cadets will be caught and “be frozed” to decrease burdens for Earth about food, energy.


In near future – 2030, the Earth will be unloaded, population are terribly increasing, 1 million people in 1 day, and there are approximate 10 billion people on this planet. Population increasing makes energy consumption crazily grows, environment pollution makes agricultural sector ruins, famine invades. Before human being extinction, authorities realease an act named Child Allocation Bureau (CAB), pointing that each family is allowed to have 1 child, all of other cadets will be frozed until restoration of Earth in the future. At that time, genetically modified plants are popularly growed to increase capacity to adapt food demand. And these plants make fraternal twins, triplets, even seven-birth becomes more popular.

7 sisters (seven-birth) with nickname from Monday to Sunday have to hide in a suburd house with their grandfather, they just can go out at the day overlaping their names, if they do not do that, tracking equipments will find them and their house will be surrounded by agents. On day, Monday does not come home as usual and 6 other sisters have to run the time, hiding from goverment and save the oldest sister.


In What Happened To Monday, Noomi Rapace has to be 7 characters at the same times, they are 7 Settman sisters, and she really left a huge impression to audience. Noomi Rapace is not a stranger when she and her acting skills appear in huge movies like: Alien: Covenant (2017), Prometheus (2012), Dead Man Down (2013). Watching What Happened To Monday, you will not regconize 1 actress in 7 characters, in stead of that, you will see 7 actresses acting in this movie. Khen Phim thinks this is too enough to talk about Noomi Rapace’s acting in this movie.
Cruel old lady Cayman (who released CAB) is starred by Glenn Close, this could not be more suitable. Faking, attempting, conspiracy face of Cayman is completely described by Glenn Close. The next character we need to talk about is Terrence Settman (by Willem Dafoe), not much oppurtunities to show up but his character is still an important role in What Happened To Monday. Without this grandpa, 7 sisters did not really survive, hide from harshly control of goverment for over 30 years.

What Happened To Monday
Monday – What Happened To Monday

Sounds, pictures, VFX

A science fiction movie like What Happened To Monday is definitely without effects, and all of them are used perfectly. However, some fighting scenes are a little lack of light and they are so fast, audiences will be difficult to regconize what is happening, who is killed, who kills who and who is survived. Gun shots, burst sounds and others are carefully produced, encalling the value of sound system and making audiences be like living in the movie. And more, What Happened To Monday uses strong nervous tension music in action scenes or tragic scenes. Perfect effects, super suitable music, so don’t be surprise if somtimes, you feel crazy and then just want to cry by Noomi Rapace’s acting. And in the ending, crying of new babies will surround you, strangle your heart and crazy obsession.

What Happened To Monday
1 of 7 sisters is shot while tried to jump between 2 blocks

Should watch What Happened To Monday or not?

Khen Phim is really impress with the grandfather’s talking: “What happens to one of you, happens to all of you!” For example, one of 7 sisters is in accident and lost one finger, 6 other sisters must loose 1 finger to escape the control from CAB. Thanks to this detail, What Happend To Monday made audiences so surprise when flow of the movie is changed spectacularly when 1 sister betrayed the others. New details and contrary to beginning make dramatics and movie rhythm continuously change. What Happened To Monday will be released from 31st August 2017 and Khen Phim just say: “You will be regret for the rest of your life if not watch!”.

What Happened To Monday

Storyline - 10
Cast - 8.5
Sounds, pictures, VFX - 8.5



A mind-blowing movie.

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