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Your Name – 君の名は anime review

KhenPhim.com – Your Name (君の名は) is welcomed and waited for months by class of young anime fans. And the good new is this cartoon is released in Vietnam without censored. The film is a series of dramatic, mindfuck stories and truly charismatic. A city teenager young boy named Taki and a country girl named Mitsuha are suddenly switched the body while comet is heading to the Earth. Although both of them never meet before, even don’t know each other’s name, but Taki already discovered new things about country life, and Mitsuha enjoyed the rush life in Tokyo. But, everything is not just that simple, behind is a whole complicated, thrilling and dramatic story.

I’m not a big fan of Anime, so this article is just my personal opinion, if there is something inappropriate, I really hope to get your feedback. As you know, Anime (a short understanding is Japanese cartoon, or a cartoon with Japanese style) is always beautiful, picturesque and real as the normal life that we are feeling. Same is Your Name – the film is drew beautifully, audiences are attracted from the very first beginning by character graphics. From people, things to sceneries in the movie, they are recurred so beautifully, striking and sparkling. Different from the other West cartoon movies, Your Name brings a very specificness of anime, and although the images are just 2D effect but it’s still more better than other 3D effect films. Character dubbing and sound effects are built up carefully, so you almost can not recognize any imperfections in sound effects. Khen Phim is not a big fan of anime, however there is something bizarre attraction in the soundtrack, although I don’t know Japanese even a word. Sometimes, music can conquer human soul by the lovely melodies.

Your Name
Movie Poster.

In my personal opinion, the beginning of Your Name is a little wordy, if it can be more concise, more simple and a little shorter, everything will be more perfect, although this movie is already wonderful. Stop thinking that cartoon is just for kids, Your Name (and lots of other animes) will surely convince you that this kind of movie is for adults too. Later, the film has much more attractive, appealing incidents, the story development is more intense, and producer is so successful, they use that intensity to pull up the audience feelings, make them forget the wordy beginning. Anyway, don’t be miserere, and if you are fan of anime or not , just go to the movie theatre, Your Name will conquer you!
Your Name – Tên Cậu Là Gì – is releasing in subtitle 2D version in the movie theatre all over the country.

Your Name (君の名は)

Storyline - 8.5
Actors and acting - 7.5
Sounds, pictures, VFX - 8



The storyline is great.

User Rating: 3.75 ( 3 votes)

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